Passion and drive: with these we want to change the world. Or at least make it a little better!

Davide e Luca, two ordinary guys with a vision! Our friendship goes far, since chilhood and through life, until now. .

We developed a common passion about entomology and insect-eating and suddenly we knew that we had to make this passion a reality.

And DL Novel Food was born.

We started from zero, learning the basic of cricket farming and combining it with our technical knowldge of engineering. We faced many problems, venturing deeper and deeper in the world of entomology, yet to become main stream and institutionalized. The challenge was great and powered us -through many failures and trials- to create a revolutionary approach to cricket farming.

We realized the traditional farming was highly inefficient in terms of energy, waste, water, feeding and health management.

Our analitical approach to these many issues led to a fully automatic farming solution which is fully efficient and looks at the crickets well-being first as crickets stress is one of the major leading problems in this business. Find out more on  our website, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Will you jump to the future with us?, follow us and find how…


First of all we have learnt how to breed crickets, how to make flour and all the finished product applications coming up beside the basics of whom studies this new universe.
We have faced the problems that can be found in a growing area where everything is to create and where do not exist any professional figure to relate with.
This challenge has not demoralized us, on the contrary has gave us the awareness that we can make the difference and revolutionize this sector.
Thanks to the passion for what we do, we have found new solutions, we have hazarded new ideas so far never used and we have transformed these projects in tangible reality.
We have learnt by doing that all the problems appear in livestock during the transformation and the finished product purpose. These problems are countless but solvable if they are broken up and took one by one. Thank to this approach we have found and created innovative solutions.
The first thing to stroke us was that no account shall be taken about crickets stress, solitary insect and not used to live in communities, about their needs and their conditions.
Secondly we have noticed that at the end of the process most of the product was waisted and all the energies badly dissolved.



It has been necessary a new approach and it arised from our sleepless nights, from our little successes and lots of failures, form our persistence and resilience but above all from our passion.

We have planned and tested a new revolutionary system: the AUTOMATIC FARM.

This is our story in a nutshell, if you want to deep you can read all the news on our website, on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, but there’s still a surprise for you…


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