What is crowdfunding

“Crowdfunding or collective financing is a group of people cooperative process that uses its own common money to support people and organizations efforts. It is a micro financing practice able to move people and resources.” Wikipedia source

Internet is the most commonly used channel for crowdfunding since you can easily access a large amount of people with their ideas andsolutions.. It’s a modern form of traditional fund raising.

Former US President Barack Obama has used it to raise money for his election campaign and Louvre Museum is using it in order to buy the picture “the three beauties” by Cranach from a private collector.

This fund raising system has given everybody the opportunity to succeed in realizing their own ideas, ventures and/or products, even with few economic resources.

Let us tell you our story with the Produzioni dal basso platform…

Marzia Cassaro from Easyeconomy is our angel for online management; Amedeo Testa from Tree Sign is the guru of website creation, all graphic contents on social networking ; Luigi Gronghi from LGS Droni manages photo-video planning and production ; finally Fabio Davide from Fabio Davide Coach beutifully handles all the copywriting.

A lot of people with great care and passion for our project!

Shortly we’ll begin the Produzioni dal basso campaign named AUTOMATIC FARM to fund the patenting of AUTOMATIC FARM, the first already built cell and then to start cells commercial production.

Fundraiser will last 30 days in which any potential investors will have the opportunity to better know AUTOMATIC FARM project and then decide if and how much invest.

In order to honour the investors we have called for 8 rewards steps according to the amount invested. The way to reach AUTOMATIC FARM solution has been littered with both difficulties and satisfactions.

We want that all the people able to help us to reach our aim , by their donations, can live an experience alike ours. For this reason we have decided that the reward related to the choosen step will be collective of the previous recognitions because every donation is a step that brings us nearer the top. For the same reason, each small or big result we reached, was born from the previous one and was necessary for the closer one. Our purpose is that, through donations and their rewards, people move closer to our idea and can share our truth and our point of view personally and concretely.