In this section we want to address in details all the issues we faced with by using traditional farming system and present a comparison with  the Automatic Farm solution.

By walking you through this, we’d like you to understand the process of how we arrived at the solution of the many issues we were facing. We believe in such way you can grasp the fundamental reasons why the Autmatic Farm Solution was created.

Problems we faced with with traditional farming system:

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I. Labor intensive:

  • High number of people involved
  • Extended daily working hours
  • Low density of insects allowed
  • High maintanence costs

II. Temperature, humidity and ventilation management

III. Availability of raw materials and components due to the lack of a strutured industry in this segment

IV. Farming waste management:

  • every container must be cleaned manually and individually
  • insects must be repeatedly moved
  • leftover waste & odours

V. Water management

  • water does not reach equally  all insects
  • increased insects stress
  • stagnant water, bacteria, whole colony extermination possibility
  • wastege- labor intensive

VI. Uncontrolled high mortality rate in the colony and possible extermination

VII. feeding:

  •  hygenic, quantity and quality issues
  • labor intensive

VIII. Reproduction management:

  • soil control (during laying season, soil is added in the farm)
  • eggs are put in the incubator and they suffer from artificial light
  • genetic weakening

IX. Farming location:

  •  usually placed in industrial areas with high maintenance costs
  •  space optimization
  • hygenic conditions
  • weather risks
  • not optimal climatic conditions

Automatic Farm solution has solved all these issues:

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I. manpower reduction: one person per module only for supervision

  • manpower reduced at the mere control
  • only one person can individually manage a high number of insect unbelievable up to present days
  • low management costs

II. controlled and optimal environment inside the module, ensuring insects well-being

III. high quality standards, compliant with EU regulations.

IV. fully automated waste management

  • no manpower
  • each containment platform and/or module are constantly cleaned and hygienized
  • crickets live in their environment without any manipulation or transfer
  • residuals are drawn and stored to be transformed and used
  • what before was a cost now is a profit
  • absence of bad smells

V. fully automated water management

  • crickets water need is satisfied thanks to uniform dosing
  • water is not stagnant thanks to our innovative method, so no bacteria and any infection probabilities
  • no waste
  • no manpower

VI. fully automated feeding system

  • authomatized
  • our conception of innovative food specific for the insect needs and even for dosing method
  • no waste
  • no bad smells
  • no deseases
  • no manpower

VII. reproduction

  • automated hatching control
  • independent hatching cell with natural light exposure


In only 25 sqm, you can have a healthy, automated and economically viable crickets farm. AFS is the definitive solution to jump toward the future of insect farming in an ever-increasing market where demand is currently left unsatisfied.

The traditional farming method can not tap to the novel food growing market demand. AFS doesn’t need any real estate investment: AFS cell looks like a container office, clean looking, easy to move and economically viable. The AFS cell can be self-sustainable with renewable energy, fully automated, fully compliant and efficient in all its aspects.

are you ready to jump to the future with us?

We are waiting for you. Visit our crowdfunding webpage and discover the opportunity we have reserved for you.


labor intensive

uncontrolled climate parameters

use of existing facilities not fit to the specific use

unhealthy and manual waste management system

manual and un-even water management system

non modular approach with increased mortality rate

inefficient manual feeding system

reproduction and hatching harmed by artifical conditions

large facilities, inefficient overall management process


Minimized manopower,

fully automated climate parameters

built with special compliant materials fit to purpose

fully automated waste management with recycle system

fully automated water management system

modular approach with reduced mortality rate

fully automated feeding system

independent and natural reproduction and hatcing module

25 sqm high efficiency modular cell, fully movable and with zero environmental impact


Soon the kickstarter campaign called AUTOMATIC FARM will start and will be used to collect the remaining funds necessary to patent the Automatic Farm already in place and expand the potential on the market with the manufacture of more cells.


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